Dental Implants

An attractive, permanent solution to fill the gap left by missing teeth is a Dental Implant. It's a better, more permanent solution than a bridge; the surrounding teeth are not altered to accommodate this procedure. To ensure a proper application and healing, the process to install an implant spans several months.

How a Dental Implant is Installed

The gum is incised and a screw in placed into the mandible or maxilla (lower or upper jaw bones) so that the implant can be placed. It's possible to place several implants in a single sitting if necessary. The gums are sutured once the implants are properly installed.

The Healing and Assimilation Period

Over the next 3-6 months, the process of "osseointegration" occurs This amazing, natural healing process results in your jawbone forming around the implant. At this time, temporary crowns can be installed, enabling you to smile, speak and eat normally.

Abutment and Dental Restoration

Once the implant is healed, the base for your new tooth, called an "abutment", is placed atop the implant. Then an impression of the abutment is taken, which is used to design your permanent restoration. Once created from your measurements and impressions, the final crown will be installed. With this permanent restoration in place, your smile will look just like it used to. After a brief a period of acclimation, the implant will feel like one of your own teeth.

Are you a candidate for a Dental Implant? Ask our staff for more information.

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